Thank you for visiting our boutique :)


I'm Ola, a Pilates Instructor and the owner of Ola Boutique brand.

I'm happily married to my best friend Vadim and we are living in our cozy home with our cat Pepsi.


Our journey started when I held my nephew for the first time. 

I was so hypnotized by his tiny fingers! 

His tiny hands and feet were the sweetest thing I ever saw.


From that moment, this little angel filled our hearts with limitless love and every moment with him was priceless.

Every time I held him I thought "I wish I could remember this moment forever".


This special feeling made me look for unique ways to capture those one time moments.


After exploring many DIY kits, I found most of them not meeting all my needs.

I started designing and characterizing the best kit for me and had fun with the idea to create my own perfect product.


My life partner suggested making this silly idea come true.

From that point, it became our family project. Together we started the journey to our first product line.


We invested a lot of thought into creating a unique and fun way to capture the memory of our loved ones before they are growing.


We truly hope you will enjoy our product and will be grateful to get your feedback!

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