The littlest feet make the biggest footprint in our hearts

Capture your memories

Your little miracle is here and you want to treasure this moment forever!

You look at his tiny feet and hands and wish they could stay this little.

You can now capture the beauty of your new-born with our incredible DIY casting kit!

We carefully designed this kit so you could have the most adorable keepsake by combining your baby’s picture with the 3D models in a beautiful frame with a name and date tag.


With this premium quality casting kit, you can create beautiful 3D models of your little angel’s tiny hands and feet so you could keep them forever and see how much they grow!


Your baby’s safety is our number one priority!

This is why we make sure that all of the materials of the DIY kit were lab tested 

and 100% safe to use!

Check our NEW Milestone Blanket

Get an adorable baby photo props blanket and don’t miss a moment of your little angel’s growth!


Your kid grows fast and you need to keep memories of their different development stages alive.


You can now take the most fascinating shots and keep track of their growth every single month during their first year of life, with this cute baby milestone blanket in the stunning unisex design!

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