Premium Quality Materials

We make sure that each single piece of the casting kit is of the highest quality possible and crafted to perfection, so you can enjoy the best possible results!


In the kit, you will find a beautiful and stylish wooden frame with real glass which you can hang on the wall or place on a shelf in every room!


Materials included in the kit:


  • Photo frame

  • Clear and detailed instructions

  • Impression material (3 bags of 60gr)

  • Gypsum powder (2 bags of 100gr)

  • Silver paint + paint brush

  • Cardboard name tag

  • Reversible background

  • Glue


The casting materials have been tested to make sure that they are 100% safe to use, so you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe for your little bundle of joy!


Beautiful Decoration


The casting kit will give you extremely realistic models, with all the wrinkles and bumps and the models will never shrink or lose their fine details!

Once you make the model you can create the most adorable decoration for the nursery!

You can paint the finished hands and feet impressions with the silver paint and brush that is supplied for free and create a truly magical depiction of your little angel.



This amazing DIY casting kit is great for every new parent that wants to treasure the memories of their new-born!



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